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Young Queer Alliance

<span lang ="en">Young Queer Alliance</span>
Young Queer Alliance
PLHIV, Loss to follow-up, MSM, School children, Out-of-school children
Head Office

Non-Governmental Organisation for Young Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Queer

Prevent, sensitise, protect and support the youth from being victims of bullying:
- At school
- Out of school
- At workplace
- At homes/families
- In communities
Focus on gender empowerment and support for the youth.
Prevent, protect and support related to HIV, Sexual and Reproductive Health and other specific physical and psychological health related issues for youth based on their Sexual Orientation, Sex and Gender.
Support Educational, Training and Vocational Institutions concerned with the youth to set-up policies and structures to support the youth.
Empower the youth in terms of leadership, interview preparation and other trainings and also sensitisation on Employment enactments to prepare them for the labour market.
Prevent discrimination towards the youth, protect from discrimination and support in case of discrimination as per the Equal Opportunities Act, the Employment Rights Act and the Employment Relations Act.
Support youth victims of family rejection and bullying due to their Sexual Orientation, Sex and Gender; and empower them for their self-assertiveness.
Educate, disseminate information and assist law and policy makers with regards to Juvenile Justice for the youth for free and equal access to services, support and opportunities based on their Sexual Orientation, Sex and Gender.
Establish network with other youth organisations for visibility, advocacy and support.

St. Gerant Lane, Rose-Hill, Mauritius
Fokeerbux Najeeb Ahmad

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Young Queer Alliance