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The first public expressions of people infected and affected by HIV / AIDS in the Indian Ocean region dated back to 2004. However, there were not a lot of evolution during the last decade.

12dechistoriquesMarie-Laure Veyrat (the President of FOIP) and Nicolas Ritter (the President of RAVANE+ and PILS) discuss further cooperation of their organizations under the Ravane Océan Indien network.

In 2008, the first non-governmental organization RAVANE+ has been created by the initiative of people infected. RAVANE+ was registered in Madagascar.

In 2011, the Group Femmes Océan Indien Positives (FOIP) was created following the crises of suffering women after the 2010 Colloquium in Seychelles.

In November 2013, during the 12th HIV/AIDS Colloquium held in Mauritius, RAVANE+ and FOIP expressed their volunteer intention to become one organization representing RAVANE Indian Ocean network of people infected and affected.

The Colloquium underlined the need to centralize efforts of civil society and reinforce cooperation among member States of the Indian Ocean Region with regard to HIV, AIDS and Harm Reduction Strategies.

As it has been announced by the Mauritian Health Ministry in the preparation to Colloquium, a total of 5,682 cases of HIV/AIDS has been recorded in the island from 1987 till the end of August 2013, of which 1,203 were females. However, the estimated number of people living with HIV and AIDS, aged 15 and above, is around 10,600. In a press communiqué, the ministry said 174 cases have been detected out of whom 70 were females from January to August 2013.

It is under those circumstances RAVANE+ and FOIP have decided to merge their efforts and create RAVANE Indian Ocean network of people living, affected, infected and concerned on the HIV and AIDS Harm Reduction Strategies. This was made official in the DECLARATION OF BALACLAVA on November 12, 2013.

With the support of UNAIDS, there were several working groups and on-line meetings held during 2013-2014. With the objective to become a registered organization, RAVANE+ and FOIP worked towards the 2014 Colloquium in La Réunion.

Thirty five (35) people representing 7 islands participated in the RAVANE Indian Ocean first Constitutional Assembly held on October 6, during the 2014 Colloquium. That day, the official declaration of RAVANE O.I. was signed. The first RAVANE O.I. Management Board was elected unanimously.