About Us

RAVANE Indian Ocean network of people engaged to end HIV/AIDS was created on 6th October 2014 in St Gilles les bains, Reunion island, during the 13th Indian Ocean HIV/Hepatitis Colloquium. The RAVANE O.I. network merged RAVANE+, created in 2008, and the FOIP Network (Indian Ocean Network of women living with HIV), created in 2011.


The network is represented in all 7 islands of the Indian Ocean:

Map from Flyer Colloque



  • Madagascar
  • Mauritius
  • Seychelles
  • Mayotte
  • Rodrigues
  • La Réunion
  • Comoros




The RAVANE O.I. network’s goals are the fight against HIV/AIDS and hepatitis, sexual health, the fight against all forms of discrimination, equality and respect of human rights linked to these situations especially the defense of AIDS orphans, key populations (men who have sex with men, transgenders, sex workers, prisoners, most at risk population and migrant population), the adherence to the “all concerned, all equal” principle, the promotion of a regional and information network related to on-the-ground difficulties, inter-island solidarity and support for struggles at the national level and all actions towards equality of access to treatment, care and support and the safeguarding of human lives.


The RAVANE O.I. is governed by the Constitutive Assembly with headquarters in La Réunion. The president of the Network is elected annually during Colloquiums. Vice-presidents are elected for each island for the duration of three years. The Administrative Council also includes secretary and treasurer.